Benefits for participants
Пространство coworking

Знижка для співробітників компаній учасників Odesa IT Family – 10%* 

OLSC Coworking

Знижка для співробітників компаній учасників Odesa IT Family:
50% до 31.01.2023
10%* починаючи з 01.02.2023

Архітектурне бюро PSEL

Знижка для учасників Odesa IT Family 10-15 % на послугу проектування.


Address: 4a Topolskoho Lane

from 8:00 to 22:00 without weekends

Innovation kitchen

Address: st. Kanatna, 93



Address: st. Jewish 9 (JM “7 heaven” section 6 office 1B)

from 9:00 to 20:00 without weekends


Address: st. Bazarna 18

from 9 to 21 for residents with daily payment (on Saturday and Sunday by appointment)


Тимчасово не працюють

To our future members

Becoming a member of Odesa IT Family means joining the largest IT platform in the South of Ukraine. Here, in our team with like-minded people, you will help in building a strong IT community, developing joint IT-projects, supporting technical education in the region and beyond.

Together with other strong companies in Odesa, we can be more than the sum of our parts.

Who can join the Odesa IT Family? All IT-companies and any other companies from related fields (business, education, etc.) that share our main values and are ready to make IT Odesa great!

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