List of Companies in Odesa
We want to band all companies of Odesa together and involve them in the development of the IT-industry in the region.
Let's start simple! Please, feel free to add your company or community to our web-site, so the visitors will get to know you better.
Number of employees in companies
DXC Luxoft

DXC Luxoft is the design, data and development arm of DXC Technology, providing bespoke, end-to-end technology solutions for mission-critical systems, products and services.


EPAM is a global company with over 27 years of history.


АVADA MEDIA більше 10 років є одним з кращих розробників IT-продуктів в Україні: web-системи для бізнесу (CRM, ERP), мобільні додатки, інтернет-магазини, продукти на базі machine learning і штучного інтелекту.


Intetics — це американська технологічна аутсорсингова компанія з 25-річною історією, яка займається розробкою прикладного програмного забезпечення та надає послуги з системної інтеграції, автоматизації бізнес-процесів та обробки даних.


3DLOOK is the creator of the world’s leading patented mobile body scanning technology is a software provider specializing in innovative solutions for “Industry 4.0” areas: Blockchain, Energy 4.0, FinTech. The company was established in 2013 and has offices in Ukraine and Singapore.

To our future members

Becoming a member of Odesa IT Family means joining the largest IT platform in the South of Ukraine. Here, in our team with like-minded people, you will help in building a strong IT community, developing joint IT-projects, supporting technical education in the region and beyond.

Together with other strong companies in Odesa, we can be more than the sum of our parts.

Who can join the Odesa IT Family? All IT-companies and any other companies from related fields (business, education, etc.) that share our main values and are ready to make IT Odesa great!

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