19 February 2022
Intelligent Chess Challenge

Intellias invites all representatives of the Ukrainian IT industry, regardless of employment, technology, frameworks in use, or levels of seniority.

This year the tournament will take place online on the chess.com platform on February 19 online. Two leagues will compete at the same time – Super Cup (1st and 2nd categories, candidates for masters of sports and higher ranks) and Amateur Tournament (3rd and 4th categories, no category; Amateur Tournament players can also participate in the Super Cup if they are willing to).

You can register for the event following the link if you meet one of the following criteria:

• work in an IT company;

• work as a developer in a non-tech company;

• work as a freelancer in IT.

🏆Winners of both leagues will receive the according prizes: first place – a smart watch, second place – a set of wireless headphones, third place – a sports travel bag for future trips to tournaments. Also, Intellias will traditionally acknowledge the best chess players among women in both tournaments and present them with Shuttle Roll Mini backpacks.

In addition to the tournament, participants have a chance to take part in:

• an online master class with a grandmaster for everyone;

• a session of simultaneous play with the grandmaster for the winners of previous tournaments;

• offline chess pop-up parties in the Ukrainian Intellias offices during the year.

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