20 October 2022
Workshop on design thinking

Odesa IT Family together with Kireev-Zhurenko studio invite you to an online workshop where you will learn 20 design thinking techniques in 3 hours. The workshop is made such way that you feel like you are at an offline event.

What will the workshop give you?

  • you will practice more than 20 concepts and tools that will help you apply human-centered design in your own work (business, social issues, management, interface design, personal life, etc.)
    go beyond comfort and thinking;
  • improve your soft skills and communication skills;
  • each participant who completes the full cycle of the workshop will receive an electronic certificate of successful completion

📍Where: online
📆 When: October 29, 16:00-19:00
📌Cost: free donation. All funds collected will be used to purchase a device for vision correction for children at the Odessa Children’s Polyclinic.

💸You can donate here: https://prt.mn/yT95FHL3cy

What is required to participate?

  • have a computer/laptop with a camera;
  • have a pen and 3 sheets of A4;
  • invest a full 3 hours of your time in self-development (the workshop involves active work in pairs and going through all stages of design thinking).

Materials from the Stanford School of Design d.school are used in the workshop

❗️The number of places is limited.

Registration via the link: https://forms.gle/U8ErCBS5QrKwA9KB6


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