29 May 2022
AB Soft

AB Soft is a company of professionals in software development founded in Odessa in 2000. We’re 500+ individuals, obsessed with making communications simple and effortless for everyone.

Our team includes specialists in programming, testing, design, as well as experienced managers and team leaders.

One of AB Soft clients is an American No. 1 provider in the field of modern telecommunication services. We are building a more connected world. Here, it’s all about innovation, big ideas, and challenging the status quo.

Among our products is a team messaging app that empowers coworkers to collaborate in real-time and thus increases their productivity. The app reduces email clutter and improves sharing information by offering messaging, video and audio conferencing, sharing files, managing tasks, and team calendars.

Hundreds of thousands of customers all over the world have praised the app for its convenience in interacting with their customers, contractors, suppliers, and partners.

Також дивись

DataArt is an international software development company specializing in solution design, UI / UX, cloud, blockchain, business and data analytics, DevOps, IoT, agile software development…

DXC Luxoft

DXC Luxoft is the design, data and development arm of DXC Technology, providing bespoke, end-to-end technology solutions for mission-critical systems, products and services.

Capgemini Engineering

In 2021, Lohika continued to operate and actively develop under the Capgemini Engineering brand.


DIGIS is an international software development company, whose mission and the main focus is to raise unicorns from startups.

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