22 March 2023
Akkerman Solutions Ukraine

On March 23-26, the FRESH AIR 2023 hackathon on the development of social applications will be held. Akkerman is the main financial sponsor of the event, thanks to which the winners will receive a significant money prize!

Akkerman Solutions is a Danish owned company with headquarter in Odesa, and offices in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa. Akkerman specializes in engineering and software solutions to companies in EU and USA. Akkerman has its own sales office in Denmark and Germany. Akkerman is ISO9001 certified. As such, they focus on making high quality solutions to customers. Akkerman is ISO37001 certified (anti bribery) and takes pride in being in compliance with all laws. Akkerman is United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals certified. As such, designs for renewable energy is a big part of this business. Due to the war, engineers and software programmers work remotely. However, when the war is won, the company expects to all work from offices again. The administration still works mostly from HQ in Odesa. Akkerman also focuses on being part of the rebuilding of Ukraine and expects to open office in Mykolaiv by the second half of 2023.

🔸️As stated by Thomas Sillesen, Director LLC “Akkerman Solutions Ukraine”, it is natural for Akkerman Solutions to participate and support the Hackathon. 🔸️He says: “As a company we believe in supporting events and initiatives that makes the Ukraine software and engineering stronger. It is naturally of interest to our company, as it up-qualifies some of the software and engineering specialists we might need in the future. It will naturally also be of benefit to our competitors, but competition is healthy in business, and make this area of competences more interesting for both job seekers and companies. As such, it makes the software industry of Ukraine growing. And we all need that, Ukraine needs that, and our customers need that. So it is a true win-win for everyone involved. Over the years we supported several education projects, most noticeably a project running for several years in the university of Severodonetsk, where we, with the help of DAI/USAID from USA taught first teachers and later pupils in the specific software used by Akkerman Solutions when we help our customers, and used by most western companies. As such we helped making a future working for or with western companies attractive to the students, and we even went further and was in the process of buying an office in Rubizhne, next to Severodonetsk, when sadly the full-scale invasion started. Now we look to expand our business with office in Mykolaiv”.

We express our huge thanks to the Akkerman company for supporting this important event!

Також дивись
The Concept of MVP Product in Student Developments

Minimum Viable Products (MVP) are not products with limited functionality but a “strategy used for quickly and quantitatively exploring the market for a specific product or product feature.”
Victor Yatsenko, HRD, Product, and Project Manager, talked about the world of MVP in student project developments during his lecture as part of the “IT Starts” project.

Sustainable Development and Digital Innovations: Present and Future

On May 17th, Odesa IT Family joined the conference “Sustainable Development and Digital Innovations: Present and Future” hosted by the State University of Intellectual Technologies and Communications!

IT Wave One-Day Business Conference was held

Last week, we held our landmark event — the IT Wave One-Day Business Conference, which gathered over 80 participants and numerous online listeners from all corners of Ukraine and beyond, thanks to our live stream! This conference became a true wave of innovation, knowledge, and inspiration for HR professionals and recruiters.

IT Wave One-Day Business Conference

IT Wave One-Day Business Conference is happening this Friday!
We invite everyone in Odesa to join us offline for a “live” exchange of experiences, but all interested parties can also join online!

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