5 May 2023
Career orientation lectures for students and schoolchildren

“Emotional intelligence in leadership” and “who is HR and what are the roles in the HR department?” — the most interesting points from the lecture, which took place on April 28, are already in our new summary.

The lecture was held by Odesa IT Family together with Odesa National University named after I. I. Mechnikov on the initiative of Yury Mykolayovych Berkov, senior lecturer of the Department of Computer Systems and Technologies, and with the support of the Atom Space educational tech space.


  • Maria Yatsyuk, People Partner at Intellias
  • Mykhailo Dyachenko, Delivery Manager at Capgemini Engineering

Maria Yatsyuk told who is HR and what are the roles in the HR department? Where to start an HR career and what skills do you need to develop?

HR is a specialist responsible for creating and monitoring the effectiveness of the talent management system.

The life cycle of an employee in the company:

  • Attraction: your employer brand
  • Recruitment: candidate experience
  • Onboarding: Your warm welcome
  • Retention: employee reward
  • Development: training and development
  • Separation: effective offboarding

Possible roles in the HR department:

  • The Employer Brand Manager works on the development of the employer brand.
  • Recruiter and Sourcer works on the search and selection of personnel​​.
  • People Partner takes care of every employee’s comfort, adaptation, motivation and retention.
  • Business Partner connects business strategy with HR strategy to achieve business results.
  • Career Adviser helps every employee in the company to form career plans and develop.
  • Training and Development Specialist helps to create and implement development programs.

Top soft skills for an HR beginner:


  • oratory skills
  • the ability to listen and hear
  • language knowledge
  • literacy
  • argumentation and the ability to persuade

Organizational skills

  • planning and prioritization
  • building relationships
  • organization of teamwork
  • team building
  • flexibility

Result oriented

  • problem solving
  • responsibility
  • proactivity

Emotional intelligence

  • understanding one’s emotions and the emotions of others
  • ability to work with different emotions
  • empathy
  • genuine interest in people

Analytical thinking

  • analysis of data and trends
  • objectification
  • balance between business and people

Where can I find free courses?

  • https://www.prjctrmentor.com/
  • https://prometheus.org.ua/prometheus-plus/hr-career/
  • https://peoplefirst.club/
  • https://www.coursera.org/
  • https://www.udemy.com/

Mykhailo Dyachenko talked about types of leaders, emotional intelligence, positive and negative emotional triggers, building a successful team.

Emotional intelligence consists of self-understanding, self-regulation, empathy, social skills and motivation.

Self-understanding: How did the event affect you? Why did you react the way you did? Could you have reacted differently?

Meditation helps to deepen self-understanding.

Self-regulation: we cannot go to this point without the previous one, if we do not understand ourselves. If we do not understand what exactly causes fear, aggression, etc., then it is impossible to control them.

But it is very important not to confuse the control of emotions with their suppression.

Empathy: After understanding yourself and being able to control yourself, it’s time to understand others. Ask yourself: how would I react to this or how would I behave?

Social skills are the most important skills for career development.

Emotional attractors:


  • Emotional

Positive influence: hope, joy, entertainment, elation

  • Cognitive

Improved working memory and openness of perception

Global attention

Promotion focus

  • Relationships

Orientation to study

Resonant (consonant with each other)


  • Emotional

Negative influence: defensive positions, feelings of guilt, shame, fear, anxiety

  • Cognitive

Reduction of executive function, limitation of the field of vision

Local attention

Preventive focus

  • Relationships

Performance orientation

Dissonant (out of sync or out of sync)

Negative ones exist by default, positive ones have to be created.

Types of leader:

  • Leader by authority
  • Leader-trainer
  • Consistent leader
  • Democratic leader
  • Guiding leader
  • Leader-commander

As the students very aptly noted, the best leader is the one who successfully combines all these roles and has the appropriate skills for different situations.

The participants of the lecture discussed the existence of emotional intelligence in general and expressed the opinion that because of this people can manipulate and influence others. Hitler was cited as an example of a genius of emotional intelligence, who controlled human consciousness.

Video from the lecture can be viewed on our channel: https://youtu.be/0aZzldRR2iY

During the question-and-answer session the most active students who received gifts from Intellias were identified.


Також дивись
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The “Communication” training

Active participants received gifts from Luxoft, and each received a cool electronic certificate upon completion.

“Updated Informatics – IT Studies”

Odesa IT Family, together with experts from our member companies, actively participates in the project “Updated Informatics – IT Studies” initiated by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine under the EU4Digital Ukraine program.

Meeting with Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

At Odesa IT Family, we believe in synergy and are convinced that together we are stronger and more effective, which is why it is important to maintain constant dialogue between business and government.

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