31 January 2024
The Regional Development Agency of the Odesa Region

The Regional Development Agency of the Odesa Region — our partners and colleagues — have many interesting and useful projects, and we would like to introduce you to the work of this team of specialists.

In 2023, the Agency managed to gather a coalition of international partners and experts, as well as the main internal stakeholders to work together on the development of the Region’s Recovery and Development Strategy and recovery plan. Together with the territorial communities of the region, they worked on solving urgent economic, social and humanitarian challenges, actively representing Odesa on international and national arenas.

🔅185 established investment platforms in communities
🔅150 projects registered in the region’s recovery projects registry
🔅35 grant applications submitted, with 19 successful grant awards
🔅UAH 30 million attracted through won grants
🔅UAH 53 million received as material and technical assistance in the region
🔅28 implemented Eurointegration communication events and cross-border cooperation development events
🔅27 events promoting the economic potential of Odesa region abroad
and so on.

The Agency begins the new year with an active study of opportunities and proposals that will contribute to the development of our region. An updated digest of grant opportunities, which may be of interest to business, the public, local government and cross-border collaborations, has now been published.

You can:
• Attract financial resources to support the development of your business. The use of grants strengthens the economic potential of the region and creates new jobs.
• Receive financial assistance for the implementation of research projects, initiatives in the fields of education, culture, as well as innovative developments.
🚀 The goal of the Agency is to stimulate development and creativity in various spheres of life. We invite you to join the grant opportunities, taking steps towards your own success and promoting the development of Ukraine!

Також дивись
DT Partners

We are honored to introduce a new member of our close-knit family — DT Partners. Warmly welcome them to the Odesa IT Family.


Many events last year were held together with U-Nation U-Nation Yan Shapiro — our partners, and many more lie ahead. Let’s share more about the goals and projects that the organization oversees.


Знайомство зі світом IT можна починати з раннього віку. Думаєте це неможливо? Спільнота волонтерів IT-фахівців Одеси IT2SchooL готові вас переконати!

Atom Space

Atom Space — некомерційний освітній tech-простір для молоді від 16 до 20 років у Одесі.

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