31 January 2024

Many events last year were held together with U-Nation U-Nation Yan Shapiro — our partners, and many more lie ahead. Let’s share more about the goals and projects that the organization oversees!

U-Nation’s focus is on creating an innovative ecosystem in the Odesa region, fostering the development of startups and technologies, and engaging the international business and investment community in Ukraine’s economic recovery. The team organizes conferences and forums in Ukraine and around the world, bringing partners and like-minded individuals together to implement projects with a common goal.

In 2023, they conducted:
🔹3 project presentation conferences in European capitals: Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris, involving investment funds, corporations, and even ministries.
🔹8 major events in Odesa, international conferences on Innovation and Startup Development, Economic Recovery, Women’s Leadership Forum, networking, meetups, and a festival of craft wine and cheese.
🔹Hosted delegations in Odesa from Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, France, Canada, Ireland, and others, who have become partners and friends.

In 2024, many more plans are in store!

We are excited about the collaboration and look forward to many interesting and, most importantly, socially beneficial events held together!

Також дивись
DT Partners

We are honored to introduce a new member of our close-knit family — DT Partners. Warmly welcome them to the Odesa IT Family.

The Regional Development Agency of the Odesa Region

The Regional Development Agency of the Odesa Region — our partners and colleagues — have many interesting and useful projects, and we would like to introduce you to the work of this team of specialists.


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Atom Space

Atom Space — некомерційний освітній tech-простір для молоді від 16 до 20 років у Одесі.

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