29 May 2022

We have been working on branding since 2010.

We work for the biggest global brands watching over their development, it’s integrity and optimal direction.

The experts at Admind have rich and diverse experience. Hence, we are able to come up with comprehensive branding solutions that satisfy complex expectations and objectives of our Clients.

A hundred of our professionals make up 1 team with branches in Amsterdam, Bangkok, Cracow, Odessa, Warsaw and Zurich. We literally take A to Z care of brands.

We care about the right direction for our projects.

Since 2018, we’ve been working in accordance with the Agile system: a regular meeting routine, effective communication and a clear procedure for completing tasks step-by-step.

That’s what WE get. And the clients? They get dedicated teams and meticulous quality control. The value of this for big brands cannot be overstated.

Effective methods for brand development.

During these years we have worked out effective work tools and foolproof methodology.

It is our toolkit for comprehensive oversight of developing brands. The solutions that we have gathered support us at each stage of brand audit, looking for insights, strategy, creation and design.

Також дивись

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