29 May 2022

Adtelligent Inc. is an adtech company that offers SaaS programmatic advertising solutions for the digital advertising market. The company has offices in Kyiv and Odessa with around 80 highly qualified specialists that have been working on the innovative ad management technologies since 2008.

Key benefits:

• unique in-house developments and payineering technologies;

• collaborations with leading publishers and advertisers;

• Adtelligent’s solutions are being used across 15,000 websites worldwide, with an average daily traffic volume of 250–300 million impressions;

• company’s success recognized by various international awards;

• young team with dynamic workflow;

• thematic events, performance evaluation, educational courses, and other studying option;

• flexible bonus system.

Adtelligent offers three solutions to manage and optimize digital advertising:

Supply Side Platform provides publishers with an ad management system. The platform offers assistance with managing traffic sources, formats and reporting of ad placements, connections with advertising partners, performance optimization of ad placements, etc.

Header Bidding Platform optimizes advertising sales revenues with the help of the header bidding auction for each ad placement. By implementing header bidding technology, websites can boost their revenue by 40%.

Demand Side Platform is a self-serve advertising platform. Advertisers can launch display, native, video, and push notifications ad campaigns on websites/applications across desktop, mobile, CTV/OTT traffic sources, bypassing any manager interactions altogether.

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