3 March 2023
Oleksandr Vasylkov, Delivery Director at Intellias

Oleksandr has a genuine interest in global IT trends and a passion for people relationships and motivation. With over twenty years of commercial software development experience in mass production and enterprise, web advertising and military telecommunications, etc., has earned a strong technical background at the applied level. Since 2005, he has been managing software projects with distributed multicultural teams of up to 300 engineers.

At Odesa IT Family, Oleksandr helps in the project of filming video lessons for schoolchildren “Updated informatics IT studios” a joint project of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science and other clusters. In particular, he coordinates the process of writing scripts and accompanies the methodological part of this project, which is important for the education of Ukraine.

Oleksandr has repeatedly participated in our events to support medium and small businesses both as an expert and as a moderator. Together, we help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and do other charitable gatherings.


🔹First acquaintance with IT

It’s hard to tell the success story of exactly how I got into IT. I was lucky with my father. He almost always knew the answers to any questions before the Internet and Wikipedia appeared. At the same time, almost never directly answering my questions, he forced me to look for answers myself. Thanks to him, we got our first computer way back in 1988, when I was in the second grade. It was BC 0010-01 with the Basic interpreter sewn into it. I rewrote the first programs on BC from books. Later, there were programming courses that included Iskra-1030 and ES 1840 on KR1810VM86 — an analog of Intel 8086.

Then other courses at the Vorontsov Palace, to which I went after school across the city. The first modem and access to the city chat (without Internet access). First job as a programmer in the ninth grade. And twenty years of engineering with a smooth transition to management. My story is about having a burning interest in computers and automation before it became mainstream.


🔹Your role in Odesa IT Family?

Intellias company representative. It seems to me that the appeal of Family is that we are all equal and there are no specific roles. Roles appear and are performed as needed. Family unites IT representatives with rich experience. And there is a special beauty in how we interact and how we can support each other.


🔹What does the cluster bring to your company?

Exchange of experience and additional channel of participation in public projects.


🔹What plans/projects do you plan to implement in 2023 at Family?

Everything that supports and develops the industry in the region, exchange of experience and support of small businesses, training of new specialists.


Також дивись
“Artificial Intelligence in Business using the example of LLM (Large Language Model)”

“Artificial Intelligence in Business using the example of LLM (Large Language Model)” – new topics that students learned within the IT Starts project. Anton Liutov, Senior ML Engineer at DataArt, who has over 6 years of experience in Data Science and more than 5 LLM projects, immersed them in the world of LLM.

The “Communication” training

Active participants received gifts from Luxoft, and each received a cool electronic certificate upon completion.

“Updated Informatics – IT Studies”

Odesa IT Family, together with experts from our member companies, actively participates in the project “Updated Informatics – IT Studies” initiated by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine under the EU4Digital Ukraine program.

Meeting with Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

At Odesa IT Family, we believe in synergy and are convinced that together we are stronger and more effective, which is why it is important to maintain constant dialogue between business and government.

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