16 January 2024
English speaking club from Odesa IT Family

English speaking club from Odesa IT Family: what results have we achieved?

This year, we launched a new project for students, because IT is very difficult without good English. Together with teacher Svitlana Izugrafova, we have already gone through:

Pronunciation. How British and American sounds sound correctly
General IT terminology. What is feedback, deadlines, etc.?
 Inspiration in IT. What inspired humanity to create new technologies.
 CV — a detailed analysis of what it is, what types there are, how to compose + individual practice with creating your own example and feedback

In the near future, we will also go through the cover letter — its purpose, structure, how to write and how to write formal letters, why they are needed, who uses them and when.

We thank Svetlana for her inspiring classes, and we wish the students motivation and further success!

Registration: http://surl.li/lviez

Також дивись
“Artificial Intelligence in Business using the example of LLM (Large Language Model)”

“Artificial Intelligence in Business using the example of LLM (Large Language Model)” – new topics that students learned within the IT Starts project. Anton Liutov, Senior ML Engineer at DataArt, who has over 6 years of experience in Data Science and more than 5 LLM projects, immersed them in the world of LLM.

The “Communication” training

Active participants received gifts from Luxoft, and each received a cool electronic certificate upon completion.

“Updated Informatics – IT Studies”

Odesa IT Family, together with experts from our member companies, actively participates in the project “Updated Informatics – IT Studies” initiated by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine under the EU4Digital Ukraine program.

Meeting with Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

At Odesa IT Family, we believe in synergy and are convinced that together we are stronger and more effective, which is why it is important to maintain constant dialogue between business and government.

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