10 March 2023
Iryna Dyatlenko, a member of the Odesa IT Family Supervisory Board, Regional Director at Luxoft Ukraine

The supervisory board is a key body in the activities of our organization. As its member, Iryna is one of those who controls our activities and can make corrections to the decisions made, participates in solving the issues brought up for consideration, and has her vote when voting for this or that project.

Iryna greatly promotes the development of education, which is why she supports all educational projects, including hackathons and educational conferences. In addition, always supports the team with expertise and advice.


🔹First acquaintance with IT

I love IT because it’s not just about technology. IT combines knowledge from many fields and various directions in an incredible way. If a person seeks to develop his horizons without stopping, then IT is the best choice. My career path in IT began in 2019, when I joined Luxoft as a Human Resources Business Partner. Three years later, I moved to the position of Regional Director.


🔹What does the cluster bring to your company?

The most important thing is the possibility of constant networking with colleagues from other companies. Thanks to its projects, Odesa IT Family plays an important role in the development of the IT industry in the region. Involvement in such projects has a significant impact on the success of companies operating in the region.


🔹What plans/projects do you plan to implement in 2023 at Family?

Projects aimed at developing the industry and attracting new talent to the industry. Also, participation in conferences, networking and social projects.


Також дивись
IT Wave One day business Conference

The IT industry became a pillar of the country and its economy during the war. Odesa IT Family, with the support of participating companies and partners, is actively working on the development of the IT industry in Odesa and the region.

U-Nation Conference

В Одесі до Дня Європи відбувся U-Nation Conference – для всіх, хто прагне створити сучасну Україну нашої мрії!

Сучасні технології в ІТ: які вони?

18-19 травня за підтримки генерального партнера Odesa IT Family на базі Інституту комп’ютерних систем Національного університету “Одеська політехніка” відбулась XIII міжнародна наукова конференція “Сучасні Інформаційні Технології 2023”. В конференції взяли участь понад 100 молодих дослідників та студентів.

Профорієнтаційні лекції для студентів і школярів

“Культурні відмінності в корпоративній культурі” та “AI в UX-дизайні: від початку до вдосконалення” — про це поговорили зі студентами 5 травня.

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