2 June 2023
IT Wave One day business Conference

The IT industry became a pillar of the country and its economy during the war. Odesa IT Family, with the support of participating companies and partners, is actively working on the development of the IT industry in Odesa and the region.

On May 26, Odesa IT Family, with the support of the main event partner UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group, held an offline conference for everyone who wants to have all the current tools from the financial and legal field of the IT industry!.

50 people, 5 speakers and a moderator shared the most relevant and useful information on the topic, and we recorded several points for you.

The president of the IT Ukraine Association, Olena Samborska, presented an up-to-date market analysis of the IT industry of Ukraine.

The IT Ukraine Association is the largest national specialized community, which includes 132 members.

Export of IT services until 2022

Export volume of computer services, billion dollars:

x4.2 total growth

in 2015-2021


average annual growth in

2015-2021 years

+127% increase in the number of IT specialists in 2015-2021 in Ukraine.

Exports of IT services in 2022: wartime

Export volume of computer services, billion dollars:

7.35 billion dollars

+5.8% growth compared to 2021

Export in 2023

1.68 billion dollars

volume of export of computer services for the 1st quarter


decline in exports of IT services compared to the record of the first quarter of 2022

The future of the Ukrainian IT sector: fields of knowledge

Cyber competence




The future of the Ukrainian IT sector: reconstruction of Ukraine.

Agil Rustamzade, military analyst, defense and security expert.

In what position is Ukraine currently?

“It could be better to provide weapons and anti-aircraft defense systems on time. Currently, in my opinion, Ukraine has gone half way.”

Agil Rustamzade: “Closer to the New Year, we will be able to more concretely understand the terms of this war, not now.”

The balance should be broken in favor of the Ukrainian army: it should start destroying more weapons than the Russian Federation can supply.

Is there a scenario of a threat to Odesa and Mykolaiv?

“No, there will be no change in the front line.”

“A negotiation scenario is possible if the Russian side agrees to all conditions. The first thing is to remove the nuclear arsenal.”

The head of the transfer pricing group of KPMG Ukraine Yaroslav Kotlyar told the most interesting thing about his profile topic.

Martial law and TCU 

Martial law or force majeure is not a reason for not applying transfer pricing rules

Current legislation does not establish any special conditions for the application of transfer pricing rules

Tax authorities are strengthening their control over the TCU by renewing inspections and information requests

Important aspects of transfer pricing 2023

BEPS 13 Three-level documentation (TC documentation, global TC documentation (master file), report by country)

Constructive dividends

Assessment of the impact of martial law

Oleksiy Uros, Asters commercial director of business development, shared all his experiences and practical cases regarding booking, but the information is available only to conference participants.

Chief coordinator talent management program at DataArt Maksym Bastion presented the advantages of combining companies.

Odesa IT Family was created to unite the city, IT companies, universities, specialists and partners for the joint development of the industry. Dozens of projects important for the community and the development of IT in the region are behind him. Only in May, we held the IT Wave One Day Business Conference, were organizers/partners with varying degrees of involvement in two more conferences, together with I. Mechnikov University held two career guidance lectures, filmed a professional video, completed a charity fundraising.

Further, we will be able to conquer more and many more peaks with the support of our partners. Odesa IT Family is always open to dialogue and proposals from everyone who wants to develop the IT field in Odesa and in the south of Ukraine, as we do!

We thank UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group, IT Ukraine Association, Kharkiv IT cluster, IT2SCHOOL, Women in Tech, Chernivtsi IT Cluster, DataArt and Luxoft companies, Univera, Atom space and all participants and partners for your constant support!


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