11 April 2023
First meeting of a focus group from the IT industry

Recently, on the initiative of the Odesa Regional State (Military) Administration, the Regional Development Agency, with the support of the Swiss-Ukrainian DECIDE project and other partners, the first meeting of a focus group from the IT industry, which offered its ideas, was held.

Issues that were proposed on the agenda:

  • Organization of the planning process of restoration and development of Odesa region.
  • Ways and forms of involving stakeholders in the planning process.
  • Issues and challenges faced by stakeholders.
  • Ideas and proposals that stakeholders consider important to take into account in strategic planning and others.

Odesa IT Family took an active part in the discussion. We thank Vlad Shimov (Capgemini Engineering), Iryna Dyatlenko (Luxoft), Vadym Drumov (Hillel), Svitlana Hryhorivna (Polytechnic), Kateryna Solovei (Odesa IT Family), Thomas Silesien (Akkerman Solutions), Alina (Akkerman Solutions), Igor Muterko ( Netpeak group) and Oleksiy Borshch (Netpeak group) for interesting ideas and suggestions.

A swot analysis was done: the participants exchanged views on the strengths and weaknesses of the industry in the region, considered opportunities and touched a little on the topic of risks. In the next step, all participants will fill out a questionnaire, where they will indicate what, in their opinion, must be taken into account when planning and organizing the process of developing the Strategy for the Restoration and Development of the Odesa Region, what ideas, suggestions, warnings they want to offer before filling out the Strategy, etc.


Також дивись
Odesa IT Family purchased and delivered medications to soldiers

Odesa IT Family purchased and delivered medications worth 15,000 hryvnias.

Review of the university’s educational program

Andrii Sylchuk, who recently took on the role of Vice President of Education at Odesa IT Family and also serves as Head of R&D Center & Delivery Director at DataArt, received a request from the Department of Technical Cybernetics and Information Technology named after Professor R.V. Merkt at ONMU to provide a review of two educational programs prepared by the university.

Final of the Fresh Air hackathon 2024

On April 19, a very important event took place for us – the final of the Fresh Air hackathon, which we organized together with the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at Odesa Polytechnic Institute with the support of the general partner Akkerman Solutions!

“Artificial Intelligence in Business using the example of LLM (Large Language Model)”

“Artificial Intelligence in Business using the example of LLM (Large Language Model)” – new topics that students learned within the IT Starts project. Anton Liutov, Senior ML Engineer at DataArt, who has over 6 years of experience in Data Science and more than 5 LLM projects, immersed them in the world of LLM.

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