11 July 2023
The U-Nation Startup & Innovation Conference was held
 The U-Nation Startup & Innovation Conference was held! 
We talked a lot about innovations in the revival of Ukraine and the development of IT!
Representatives of Odesa IT Family participating companies — moderator Iryna Dyatlenko (Regional Department Manager, Luxoft Ukraine), Maksim Bastion (Chief coordinator talent management program at DataArt/Chairman of the board at Odesa IT-family), Oleksandr Vasylkov (Delivery Director at Intellias) , Andriy Kolodnitskyi (Staff Engineer at Capgemini Engineering) and Mykhailo Lobachev (Director of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, “Odesa Polytechnic”) — took part in a panel discussion and talked about the current vectors of development in the next 10 years.
Of course, the number 1 topic today is artificial intelligence! Technological developments that can change different areas of our lives, from medicine and transportation to education and industry. However, certain difficulties stand in the way of achieving such opportunities: ethical issues, social consequences, etc.
Experts shared their thoughts and experience about:
 Which companies and which professions can already use AI to improve the efficiency of employees?
Can artificial intelligence replace a programmer or a person of some other profession?
The most promising areas of using artificial intelligence for startups?
  How will approaches to learning change with the development of AI in non-formal and dual education?
 How does AI affect the development of cyber security? Does it carry more of a threat or, on the contrary, help detect hacking patterns?
One of the most famous warnings is that AI will replace jobs. Are there professions worth worrying about?
Thanks to all participants for their expertise and interesting ideas! Thanks to the organizer Yan , we had fun and a lot of useful thoughts to think about!
Thanks to info partners: DOU, Luxoft , DataArt , Intellias , Women in Tech, Digest Pro, Univera, Kharkiv IT Cluster, Сhernigiv IT Cluster, 
Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics of the Odesa Polytechnic National University, AtomSpace , IT2SCHOOL , UKRSIBBANK, IT Association Vinnytsia, Ampli, Khmelnytskyi IT cluster, Lviv IT Cluster, Wok.ua, Chernivtsi IT Cluster, Mariupol IT Cluster.
Також дивись
Odesa IT Family purchased and delivered medications to soldiers

Odesa IT Family purchased and delivered medications worth 15,000 hryvnias.

Review of the university’s educational program

Andrii Sylchuk, who recently took on the role of Vice President of Education at Odesa IT Family and also serves as Head of R&D Center & Delivery Director at DataArt, received a request from the Department of Technical Cybernetics and Information Technology named after Professor R.V. Merkt at ONMU to provide a review of two educational programs prepared by the university.

Final of the Fresh Air hackathon 2024

On April 19, a very important event took place for us – the final of the Fresh Air hackathon, which we organized together with the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at Odesa Polytechnic Institute with the support of the general partner Akkerman Solutions!

“Artificial Intelligence in Business using the example of LLM (Large Language Model)”

“Artificial Intelligence in Business using the example of LLM (Large Language Model)” – new topics that students learned within the IT Starts project. Anton Liutov, Senior ML Engineer at DataArt, who has over 6 years of experience in Data Science and more than 5 LLM projects, immersed them in the world of LLM.

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