29 May 2022
Capgemini Engineering

In 2021, Lohika continued to operate and actively develop under the Capgemini Engineering brand.

Capgemini Engineering works to make physical and digital worlds closer to each other. Together with the capabilities of the rest of the group, it helps customers accelerate their path to the intelligent industry.

The Capgemini Engineering team consists of more than 52,000 engineers and scientists in more than 30 countries, who works on projects in the following areas: space and aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, energy, lifesciences, logistics, defense, manufacturing and consumption, software and the Internet.

Також дивись
DT Partners

We are honored to introduce a new member of our close-knit family — DT Partners. Warmly welcome them to the Odesa IT Family.


Many events last year were held together with U-Nation U-Nation Yan Shapiro — our partners, and many more lie ahead. Let’s share more about the goals and projects that the organization oversees.

The Regional Development Agency of the Odesa Region

The Regional Development Agency of the Odesa Region — our partners and colleagues — have many interesting and useful projects, and we would like to introduce you to the work of this team of specialists.


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